William Carey is widely regarded as ‘the Father of Modern Missions’. His sermon in 1792 contained the rallying call:

Expect great things from God,

Attempt great things for God

From 1800, Serampore was the centre of his work as translator of the Bible, linguist, social reformer, teacher and preacher of the Gospel.

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William Carey

In 1827 the King of Denmark presented a charter to the College, giving it University status. Serampore was then a Danish colony, but the status has been reaffirmed for the study of Theology to the present day. This Charter now forms the basis for degrees of all levels conferred by over forty theological colleges throughout India, and is administered by the Senate.


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Inside the library


The name of the College and its founders is honoured today, far more widely than within Christian circles only – the Carey Library at Serampore houses 16,000 rare volumes and is used by scholars internationally.