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Serampore Bicentenary Conference – October 2018

John Hudson presented a paper entitled “From the Enlightenment to modern missions: how the vision of the Serampore Quartet has come full circle

He has also kindly provided some notes on the Conference which can be found here.


Baptist Times article on William Carey – on Friday, July 15th, 2011

the Baptist Times ran a centre spread on William Carey

You can read the article here: BT William Carey Article


Honorary Serampore DD for Secretary of Friends – see the February 2010 Newsletter for details

Click here for more pictures Hon.DD, for Friends

Click here to download Edward’s Commemoration Address (PDF)


Serampore College was founded in 1818 by William Carey, Joshua Marshman and William Ward to give an education in Arts and Science to students of every ‘caste, colour or country’ and to train a ministry for the growing Church in India. From the beginning the College has been ecumenical, but this means that it has no automatic basis of support from any one branch of the Christian church.


Today, in a combination of subjects unique in India, nearly a hundred and fifty Theology students from a very wide range of denominations and a score of languages study alongside three thousand in the Arts-Science-Commerce department, which is affiliated to Calcutta University.


Friends of Serampore provides a link for those who wish to support the College with their interest and prayers. Members receive periodic newsletters which are also available for download (click the Newsletters link at the left). For many years we have subscribed to a number of journals for the library. In the year 2000, the Principal challenged us to raise also at least £2000 per year to support fully one Theology member of staff – for several years now we have passed that target by over £1,000, but the needs are great.