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Please note that Friends of Serampore cannot be responsible for the content of other sites, but the links here are given in good faith.


Many individuals and organisations throughout the world recognise the importance of William Carey and Serampore College. These links will take you to a few related web sites.


Serampore College web site

The Serampore College Web Site

Serampore Senate web site

The Serampore College (University) Web site

Center for Study of the Life and Work of William Carey

An excellent and comprehensive site - browse around for information and photographs.

Life of William Carey

More history, but a very thorough site

William Ward

The missionary printer who was one of the three founders of the College now has his own website!

Broadmead Baptist Church

The church has links with Joshua Marshman (one of the Serampore founders) and as a group are involved with the "Friends".

Try searching Google for information or images.