Please download and print the Enrolment Form

Enrolment Form (Adobe PDF format) Enrolment Form (Microsoft Word format)

(if you need to install Adobe Reader, please see the Newsletters page)


and send it to the secretary with your payment:


Jenny Bunning, Sunnybreck, Rendall, Orkney, KW17 2EZ


Subscriptions can be:

Annual for individual or couple 5, or for Church 20

Life 60

Any additional donation will be used directly to benefit Serampore College.


You can send a cheque payable to "Friends of Serampore" or...

You could help greatly by making a banker's standing order
to give us a reliable base income - contact us for details

If you wish to send 40 or more, please contact us first
regarding recovery of tax on gifts to the College.


Our ability to continue financially assisting the college depends largely on those who make additional one off or regular donations. Remember, while a small part of your subscription must cover administration, THE FULL AMOUNT of any extra can go direct to Serampore College