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Dr Lalchungnunga, Serampore College's Principal, explains the significance of William Ward's grave behind him.

The College's newest building, The Carey Library, houses the largest collection of Carey related literature in the world...

...while the top floor is a meeting room, used extensively for worship.

India is a massive country spanning many different cultures. There are regular evenings of cultural sharing, as here a group of students from Nagaland demonstrate dance.

Throughout India National day is celebrated on 26th January. Students and staff of Serampore College begin the day on the roof!

The gardens, planted outside his house in Carey's time, are still beautiful.

Theology students have a busy time - so it's good to see them on the way somewhere, rather than simply working!

Sunil Chatterjee, the shorter of these men, is acknowledged as the leading expert on William Carey. He worked for many years as Physics demonstrator, but in his retirement works on in the library. His taller colleague, TK Banerjee, works with him most days.

In 1969 the Indian Post Office issued this stamp commemorating Serampore College.

There is a small museum in the Carey Library, devoted to the the work of Carey and his colleagues.

The older buildings of the College are as grand inside as out - a fine tribute to those responsible for maintenance over the years.

Dr Lalchungnunga (principal) and his wife Hliri are great table tennis players!